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DIY Toronto?
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Author DIY Toronto?
I have a Noise Reap reberb module that just has a brick on the back with feedback and depth knobs... I've heard it's possible to add CV controls on the front with modification... not sure if it's possible to add a mix parameter but that would be ideal.

Anyone in the TO area able to do stuff like this? How much work would something like this take?
You should probably ask in the DIY forum:
Hey I dont have any specific advice related to the mods you are looking for, but in Toronto there's a very active DIY scene where you might find some answers. First thing I'd check out are the montly modular meetups at Frequency Freaks I've found the atmosphere at those meetings really welcoming and there are a lot of folks there who do DIY Builds.

Second place you might want to check are a couple of very active facebook groups. First is CVTO, which is a modular specific Toronto trading/diy page. The other is All Buttons In, which is a more general audio page but both communities I've found very helpful and easy to integrate in.

3rd place I'd check out are some DIY hacklab type spots. I teach a DIY synth course at the toronto public library, we usually do one about once a month. Also, they aren't open at the moment but interacces has an awesome and active DIY community. you can drop by their open nights when they re-open there new spot, and there are a ton of really brilliant DIYers who do their work out of there.
Hey thanks so much for the info. I applogize for posting this here... I totally forgot about the DIY forum.

I'll check those things out.
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