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Lesson to New DIYers - Check Components on Receipt
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Author Lesson to New DIYers - Check Components on Receipt
I didnt very frustrating
Learn from my mistake - heres my tale:

I order the bulk of components for building Oakley SRE330 between October and December 2017 from 5 sources.

Xmas I was away and I finally got to build in January and "first testing" last week.

It failed. Dead Banana No Smoke, But a much too warm voltage regulator and only a dry signal and no wet signal. No nice stereo stringy/chorus effects

With help from Tony at Oakley, i realized this might be because I had soldered 30 (thirty) 100R resistors where 10k resistors should be.

Thats brown black black black and not brown black black red rings wise , I say in my (weak) defence.

I had ordered qty 100 10K resistors and the bag from Farnell in the UK stated 10K on the label and I found I had a strip of 70 100R resistors still in the 10K bag as I feared.

Now when i started the pcb (which is not small and has 250 ish resistors.. I
opened the bag and tested one off the strip before using.

But I got complacent and/or distracted Guinness ftw! and stopped checking .

Yes my mistake I accept, but at least I thought I could ask Farnell to replace with the correct values. But they have a policy of no returns after a month - Even if they are the ones who f**cked up in the first place.

So lesson is - Do not be complacent like me .. check for correct values inside the component bags as soon as you can after they are delivered. Do not trust labels.

My record with Farnell UK is 2 f**k ups from them in @ 10 orders last year.
I asked the help desk to escalate my case - so there is still a chance they come good.

I may have some fried ICs -as a result .. but lesson two I did observe was to use chip sockets through out.

...just needed to vent oops
Lesson? I won't be buying from Farnell any time soon.
And I thought it was only CPC (Farnell's scabby younger brother) who fucked up

I always put a meter to stuff these days no matter where they come from. If I need one thing and I can't get it from RS then I fall back to eBay where the success rate I find is just under 50%

Edit: Pav, the fact they came in a bag marked 10K I think counts for something in your favour. And it highlights a problem they could easily have made disappear by just checking their bins and sending you what £2 worth of stock ?

If you really wanted to escalate it I believe you may be able to claim through your credit card as it's a misrepresentation of goods, they're marked 10K they're actually 100R. This isn't Section 75 territory, but google the Consumer Rights Act 2015 - you may have six months from point of sale
I've unfortunately had this happen with mouser once as well; something with an obviously 'off' decade I was able to catch via the color band. I had a few more even more horrible experience though with tayda - I bought a few hundred 47k, supposedly metal film, that after a year of use I discovered were frequently metering more than 10% off. spec - not all, maybe 1 in 10. Similar thing with a bag of capacitors, but that was the whole lot; 4.7n on the meter labeled as 47p.

These type of component failures are the worst - maybe enough not to bring a module to it's knees and potentially reveal the fault, but enough to make its performance decidedly 'meh'.

It's a diy lesson once learned not soon forgotten - meter your parts!
I think so far during the past 10 or so years, I've received the wrong decade parts from Tayda and Banzai at least. Then again, that has happened once with Mouser too (big bag of 10k resistors turned out to be 1k) so it isn't the privilege of smaller hobbyist shops.
I’ve been ok. I also meter to double check. It’s one reason I got a bench meter, I can leave it on and test when I want with no battery concerns.
ashleym wrote:
I’ve been ok. I also meter to double check. It’s one reason I got a bench meter, I can leave it on and test when I want with no battery concerns.

Yeah.. I always measure all my components before placing. On the other hand this adds serious time to the build. But hey - we love the building part anyways, right?
Aack! Quite a horror story, I am colour blind so I do not read the colour codes. I always dump resistors in envelopes labeled with the values, and in some are 4-5 different brands of resistor.
Track record with builds is pretty good though, most malfunctions are caused by mistakes in my own boards....
ashleym wrote:
I’ve been ok. I also meter to double check. It’s one reason I got a bench meter, I can leave it on and test when I want with no battery concerns.

Yep... Just getting a bench meter partially for this reason (generally because I want something that is always on during build sessions, and that has a legible display with permanently enabled backlight).

For the past two years I've ended up having a habit of checking all passives bags I haven't checked at least once before stashing away, because it gives me peace of mind that I don't have to replace something just because someone else messed at component values. My own mistakes are mine.
drip.feed wrote:
Lesson? I won't be buying from Farnell any time soon.

Same here, I've had so surrealistic experiences with their "service". very frustrating
Hi thanks to all for your support. I received a call today from Farnell. The customer services manager revised their viewpoint and has offered a credit note which I graciously accepted.

Curiously they had no 10k resistors in stock to replace coincidence hmmm.....
I would love to think they checked their stock and found reels of 100R

I checked the misrepresentation of goods act as unrecordings suggested. I found a couple of gotchas.. First, six months only applies to really negligent misrepresentation otherwise 30 days applies to accidental.

I sourced 100 from an Amazon shop.. Switch Electronics of Hull and was well pleased with the quality all on a single strip with nice and shiny leads. They also offering a 20% discount if I go direct next time... applause

Replaced 15 resistors today just 15 more to go. nanners
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