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Tape: Running "External Speaker" to Interface?
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Author Tape: Running "External Speaker" to Interface?
I recently bought a tape machine/dictaphone thing (Superscope C-202LP), which I just noticed has a "EXT SP" port, and nothing else in the way of outputs. Only "aux, mic", and "remote". Huh.

My plan was to use this as a pass through effect for my DAW, running out from my Focusrite interface, in to the tape machine, then back in to the Focusrite's line inputs (or SPDIF?). However since it doesn't have RCA or a proper line out, I'm wondering if using this "external speaker" out is a no-no for some reason. Will it work without frying anything?

If not I'll need to get the C-207LP, which has the luxury of a line out w00t
Michael O.
I don’t know the specs of that model, but generally if the external speaker out is simple line level then it is fine, assuming proper impedance matching like any other connection. If the external speaker out is the output of a power amp then it’s not appropriate for that use.
Get a DI box.
Countryman and Radial make great DI boxes.
Proco makes a couple good ones.
Use the speaker input, then plug the DI into a mic pre.
Most DIs can take amps up to 50 watts.
The downside is that you may need to have a speaker plugged in as well.
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