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Specifically: about the MatrixBrute WITH Eurorack combo
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Author Specifically: about the MatrixBrute WITH Eurorack combo
Wondering if there are any current users of the MatrixBrute + Eurorack combo.
I'd just like to know about direct experiences with attempted integration and/or current drawbacks re this combo.

I read elsewhere about a +V only limitation? Is this right?
Also read there that voltages must be a max. of 3.5V when feeding the MB... is this right?

How do you like this combo overall?

I was looking into having both for generating texture-rich patterns. You know, clock them together, control the drifting, setting up multidimensional, generative chaos by exploiting the more traditional yet very hands-on approach of the MB together with some heavy, avantgarde stuff done with the more esoteric euro modulation and polyrhythmic capabilities via euroracks.

Thing is, I want a sure shot, because the MB would be a 2000$ hit or miss. Must make it a hit no matter what, or simply desist.

No one is using the MB with eurorack, for real?

There has to be someone...
I did use it with eurorack... Clocking externally from system - works well, everything can be synced with just a CV clock. Mixing voltages in matrix, works well. Playing 0coast as a 4th oscillator with all the control - works really nice.

Never had any issues with higher voltage into it, and yes it sends only +V according to the matrix and which parameter you control and how much (there is an attenuverter for that)
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