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Polysix cannot save presets despite new battery : CPU issue?
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Author Polysix cannot save presets despite new battery : CPU issue?
Hi everyone!

I have a polysix that I restored (it had numerous problems on the KLM367 as well as on the KLM366 and KLM368 boards, and I had to change about 4 or 5 ICs...).

Now everything works great, except the preset saving.

If I change a preset's settings and try to save it, is looks like it is working, but then if I change to another preset then come back to the edited preset, It is back to its previous stage, before I edited and saved it.

I tried to upload the factory presets through the tape input. First it did not work, but after replacing IC3 (4558) on KLM367, it seemed to work (led "found" lighting up, then leds 1 to 8 lighting up, and sound changed on bank A program 1 when switching back to "tape disable". But then again, if I change to another preset the back, preset comes back to what it was in the first place. And the same with all other presets.

If I get it right, presets are saved directly in the CPU. Does it mean that the CPU is faulty? (that would be strange, as everything else is working correctly).

If anyone has a clue about what's happening here, I'm very much interested...


[EDIT] Seems like there's a RAM chip : TC5514. I'm going to replace it and I'll post to tell how it went...
sutekina bipu-on
Test the RAM before you tear the CPU out.... TC5514
I ordered a RAM chip, it's on its way from Bulgaria, should be in France in about one week or so!
Restoring a pcb after battery leakage can be very, very difficult.

The corrosion will often continue to spread like rust, especially where you can't see it, such as under IC's.

Show us a hi-res pic of the boards. It will be interesting to see how many traces have been damaged and easier to diagnose.
we have seen a lot of half assed battery acid repair jobs in polysixes. you may want to replace the cpu board with the kiwisix midi retrofit so the problems don't come back, as they often do when components are not replaced and acid is not meticulously removed. this will however likely make your polysix noisier.
Hi there!
The issue was the RAM chip. Problem solved!
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