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Modules to pair with Cloud Terrarium?
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Author Modules to pair with Cloud Terrarium?
I've been sketching out an ambient/drone-y rack based around the Cloud Terrarium as the main voice. Ornament and Crime will be going in the rack, as will an uClouds (because you just can't have too many clouds.) I'm not sure whether or not I want a dedicated percussion source yet, and reverb/effects will probably be external.

Other modules are TBD, but here's a sketch on Modulargrid:

As you can tell, I'm a sucker for black panels... seriously, i just don't get it

What other modules might people recommend to work with the Terrarium, and why?
A basic VCO of some sort, to use as a modulator for FM (or AM, RM, phase modulation, audio rate wavefolding modulation etc.).

A multimode filter. Highpass really works nicely with some wavetable content and is also good for cleaning up modulation signals going into the FM input when using TZFM.

(Many filter designs will act as a very clean sine oscillator, so that could replace the VCO. Saw/ramp is still useful for phase modulation though.)

A basic dual linear VCA, for when you want the full spectrum of the E352 to come through or to modulate modulation, etc.
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