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Buchla technical support in EU
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Author Buchla technical support in EU
Hello Gang,

I need service on the king of Buchla modules....... yes 266e, the C output in the QRV section is not working.

Do you guys know about someone who could service my module in Europe ? I sent an email to Buchla (still answer, bt I hope the changes in the company give us better support). Anyway I would prefer not to send the module to US (way to expensive).

Thanks for your help

And yes I used search, but with poor results.
If I remember correctly the output stops working if the led is broken. Maybe you can check that. Good luck...

If you haven't got an answer, please email : - Eric is the man, and even at the moment where he is , i am sure, drawning under emails. he takes the time to reply .

If you don't get any reply or if you don't want to send your module to the US - Sascha and Myself ( Northern Light Modular) can have a look at it.

Sascha is an SMD wiz and very good with Digital modules - he has fixed many 200e in Recent times ( including a pair of 225e - one of them completely dead ) .

I seem to recall the same point than jjsynth in relation to the LED.
Thank you very much to all of you guys

Another reason to love this place. I have received a very fast answer from Eric Fox, I'll see what do they propose and depending on that I'll take a decision.

Again thank you

Tom | KMR
Hey Leospejo,

I'm fairly well equipped to handle most Buchla service issues for Europe as well as the NLM guys (Sasha and the guys are awesome!)

Let us know if you need anything smile

Very best regards

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