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MARF Question
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Author MARF Question
This may be a silly question, but does anyone specialize in modifying modules? I love the MARF a lot! But it kind of drives me crazy that there is not cv for advance, which seems like such an obvious function for it. So I am trying to figure out if there is any way to have my cake and eat it too. Just curious if anyone has any experience with modifying modules.
How is this different than clocking advance?
Like Todd mentions. You have clock in (if you set all steps to STOP for instance, you can advance it on every clock signal at the START input).

And you have also int/ext CV IN (set on "ext" for external): higher incoming voltage, higher stage number selected. Apply an LFO (just as example) it will bounce fwd/bwd.
For a "conventional" advance mode though, like said, the clock in at START will do it, without having to modify the 248r thumbs up

Of course it depends how CONTINUOUS/STROBE and int/ext are set.
But it is well described in the manual (and there are not many options anyway: you can try on/off and you see right away how it reacts).
Thanks for the information guys. And thanks Todd for the link to the other thread. I need to get better at consulting manuals!
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