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LFO'd Subharmonics - Homebuild Serge
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Author LFO'd Subharmonics - Homebuild Serge
LFO'd Subharmonics Homebuild Serge

This patch is directly derived from Doug Lynner's Patch of the Week on subharmonics. Thank you Doug for everything.

Only the Homebuild Serge, no other modules or effects.

Subharmonic Jams Homebuild Serge

So far, it seems subharmonics is one way to get more pleasant (less atonal) pitch sequences just using the Homebuild Serge without any external sequencing.

The first 4:55 goes through a variety of pitch sequences, sounding like medium-paced Irish pipes The lower Positive Slew is the VCO and the upper one is the subharmonic divider. EG#2 thru the lower side of the Dual Processor (using the main attenuator to set the level of the signal) affects the VCO pitch (lower Neg Slew CV in). EG#1 throught the upper side of the Dual Processor affects the subharmonic divisions, as it is patched to the CV in of the upper Neg Slew).

From 4:56 to the end: it's all slowed down and much more tweaked. I thought that if a bass note was separately sounded, then it would change the harmonic implication of the upper notes. The OSC is the bass, and goes through two channels of the TWS, and then to the Dual Processor as mixer. One OSC output also goes through a Comparator and into another input of the Dual Processor.

As always, the result is not as intended. We'll try again.

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