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COTA Modification
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Author COTA Modification
I built a COTA VCF for a customer last year and he'd like it modified for 10V control voltages (instead of 5V) Is there any information on how to make these changes? I presume he is just talking about the CV 1/2 inputs.

I'd get some more information from the customer and see what they are looking for. As far as I know there is no such thing as 10V control voltages. Being a control voltage it can be any voltage between +/-15V. However, they may be talking about envelopes - mine and most others will peak at 5V but some are 10V.

One could then double the values of R16 and R20 (if fitted) to halve the maximum sensitivity. In this case you'd change them from 100K to 200K or 220K.

Thanks Tony. Yes, I suspect you're right about envelopes. I think he has a bit of a hybrid system (Euro and Frac):

"The cv inputs seem to be set for 5v but my modulation sources are 10v.This means I either don't get much usable range from the COTA knobs or I have to use an attenuator to reduce the level first. According to the manual it just needs some resistors swapped to get 10v range."

I've emailed for some clarification but I have a feeling he may be on holiday smile
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