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Angling a Doepfer Monster case
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Author Angling a Doepfer Monster case
So, I went off the cliff and ordered a Doepfer 12u Monster Case. SlayerBadger! However since I’m living in Tokyo I’m a bit worried about the stability of the case + would like to angle it for ergonomic reasons.

Are there any off the shelf stands (guitar stands?) or diy solutions out there that could support this massive case at a nice angle? help
You could do it by removing the top shelf and angling the bottom shelf to suit your personal situation...
search for AMP STANDS
Just got this guy for my PGH Structure 360. Really liking it so far  /ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1519487181&sr=8-6&keywords=amp+stand
Checkout 3dwaves on or kvgear for stands. Might have to look for something custom for that size though.
I've got one and standing straight up is not as unstable as you'd think as long as its full of heavey modules hihi

but yeah an amp stand I think would be best, probably something that could hold a 2x12 amp should be enough to hold it.

something like this should do the job I would think
Wow those are some great suggestions! Thank you all for sharing.

I actually have a 3 tier Jaspers stand in the same order so will definitely try that out. I’m also looking into diy’ing a couple of angled ‘legs’ that can be used on a tabletop and easily transported.

I guess at some point though it might just make sense to get the monster base and bolt them together if stability is the goal...
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