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Thiry five iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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Author Thiry five iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I came in the studio tonight, thought I would not make any sound (after 2 days headache) but only connect some drum machines and check again tomorrow.

But then I decided I should control quickly that everything is correctly in sync. Powered all on, pressed play on the Electribe... and this came out (still have the last patch connected).
I was looking at the walls while the patch was self-playing and thought about 35 years of batchas, also about all the music I've been listening to, all the bands I've seen... and how all had passed by sooooo quickly!

Not sure if it is you who turns 35 or your music, but congrats nonetheless!
beer! w00t Guinness ftw! SlayerBadger! Champagne
Some overlap in taste, for sure (JD, EN). And some of those bands are considerably older than 35, so...

(nice room and great patch!)
otoskope wrote:
Not sure if it is you who turns 35 or your music, but congrats nonetheless!

The first solo recording under the name "batchas" is 35 Guinness ftw!

otoskope wrote:
Some overlap in taste, for sure (JD, EN). And some of those bands are considerably older than 35, so...

And I waited to be over 50 to hang for the first time posters on the walls d'oh!

Yeah. I grew up with JD. Quite an influence back then tbh. TG, Stranglers, Talking Heads and so on.
All bands you went to see live at that time.
My mom sent me to england in '76 and in '79 and it litterally changed my life.
I went there to concerts of music I never heard before. Ska... punk... Went back home with records from Selecters, Specials, Bad Manners, Buzzcocks, the Beat etc etc and my mom did not recognized me when she picked me up at the airport!!!!

JD and Stranglers were the kind of band which made me choose the bass guitar as an instrument. Jean-Jacques Burnel mostly from the Stranglers.
And there was synth in the music everwhere in the 80s but not everybody liked it like I did.
All my school mates were into Santana, Led Zeppelin, this kind of hippy stuff. I was the freak hihi.

Then I went to study to Marseille in '81 and it was The Birthday Party, SPK, more TG, EN, The Residents, Tuxedo Moon, Can etc etc. Sooooo many bands, so many concerts... So many influences.
Met some extremely creative people while I was at the Beaux-Arts at this period and a guy who regularly was bringing back electronic sound from Berlin. This was a main influence which definitely motivated my decision to move to Berlin in '87.

Before moving back to France last year, I found a black 7" I bought for my 13th birthday. Kraftwerk "Radioactivity". It was a huge hit in France when it came out. It was a revolution on TV seing these guys with their instruments. For real. I remember I found this sound more interesting, less "commercial" (less "varieté"), than JM Jarre who was everywhere at that time, in parallel with a lot of disco stuff (huge in France too).
JMJ who I respect nowadays, but who's music I really did not like when I was younger (or maybe did not admit to like, being the "dark", "tough", "radical" one when it came to sound).
So I find this Kraftwerk single and there's my name I wrote by hand on the cover you know. There were in France the so-called "boum" (parties) where everybody would take some music to play or make the deejay. I was always the freak guy bringing some weird music haha!!
Okay... Actually with the 7" of Kraftwerk, I also found an LP from Demis Roussos, between Cerrone "Supernature" and Vangelis "Pulsar", but I don't want to talk about this here now hihi
Thanks for sharing, batchas. Wonderful. I'm a few years younger (but not many). Still, Tuxedomoon, Kraftwerk, SPK, listened a lot to those. Did not have so many chances to see them live, though (few came to Sweden, or a was too young) but still have lots of vinyl. Funny thing is that, just like you, everybody mentions the Residents, but I never got into them, but when I now work with alternative musicians in the SF Bay Area, I have - accidentally - worked with two who were in the band at some points.

I'll mention a few more that I listened to: Sisters of Mercy, Chameleon, Shriekback, XTC, Ministry, Front242, New Order (obviously), Fad Gadget... the list is long. But all my walls are full of machines, so I have no space for posters :(
New Order and Fad Gadget. The others I ignored.
Strange how taste defines choice sometimes. Actually not only taste but also what others around listen to, which country you live in, when you were born. A few years earlier or later and you simply miss the all thing (or hate it as an adolescent, as a kind of rebelion against what other did or do or like or dress like).

Cool you worked with some Residents. Huge influence on me. Indescribable actually. I was hitch-hiking through Europe to see them. Ask me to do this today zombie

I brought some recordings on tapes I did in 1984 to Brasil when I moved there.
I also brought 10 vinyls. Fad Gadget was one of them!
The Residents, Renaldo and the Loaf, The Normal to name a few.
One day I'm listening to the radio. Just that you know, the most modern thing playing there was The Beatles!!! In '84.... A bit kidding, but not far from truth (desculpe rapaiz!).
Was kind of weird to be separated from all the music I loved. But I guess it made a certain unconscious opening to other styles and cultures which matured in me way later (vietnam, lebanon, mongolia, tibet, nepal, cameroun, music from all the continents actually).
Well, I'm listening to this program and the deejay plays all of a sudden a LP from The Residents. WHAAAT?
First time in my life I pick up the phone and call a radio station haha!
Some days later I'm bringing the guy who's showing a large interest the different tapes I did and these vinyls. Very cool guy. An alien in the center of Rio.

A few weeks later I come back from shower, girlfriend listening to radio and the guy talking and talking (I still could not speak fluently at that time). And all of a sudden, I here "batch assss". I ask the girlfriend to translate what he's saying ("artist from Europe" blabla... Extremely enthusiastic...) and then he plays THE weirdest batchas tape I brought to him. So noisy and radical. In the middle of Rolling Stones and other classics of the 70s... Hihi. Then also all the vinyls they never had a chance to hear before. This moment was like a window out of time compared to the life I was having there, which was so much different than what I was used to. Then I went to Amazonia and never came back to Rio to pick up my things.
So if this deejay is reading here and still have these batchas tapes... The very first ones I ever did...
Just kidding.
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