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Modular Multitracking
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Author Modular Multitracking

I recently made the dive into modular and I'm loving it so far! I've done a good deal of exploration/excavation with the modules I've bought and I think it's time I actually make a composition out of it. I've checked out a few threads about recording modular and I'm having some trouble understanding the basic concepts and technical problems underlying the recording process.

So I've made compositions wholly from software before in Logic Pro X and do mixing within Logic. I have a few sound sources in my modular right now (oscillators and samplers) so I think I need equipment that would allow me to route audio signals and their respective processors such that they appear as different tracks inside Logic. What equipment would I need to do this and since it seems a non-trivial thing to accomplish, could someone explain some audio-related technical problems underlying getting signals from a modular set-up into a DAW? Apologies for any noobishness, but I'd really appreciate the help This is fun!

Thanks in advance!
I record my modular into my computer with the Motu Ultralite MK3

it has 8 inputs and 8 outputs so you can record a bunch of channels at once into your recording program.
Looks like a nifty device, thanks! So is an audio signal from you modular first routed through a VCA before going into the MK3 or can the MK3 amplify the signal on its own?
I'm looking into doing the same thing.

It seems the easiest way to get audio/cv in and out of your DAW is using the Expert Sleepers modules.

BUT what I missed was that it's best to have an audio interface with ADAT ins/outs, so that the Expert Sleepers modules appear as extra ins/outs.

Running two separate audio interfaces seems to cause difficulties.
I use the MK3 as the final output from the modular to the computer.

so for example vco - vca - mk3

on the MK3 you can attenuate the signal thats going into it and thats usually the case with modular signals.
I have Soundcraft Signature MTK 12 on order. It's a 12ch analog mixer and a multitrack usb interface in one device. Plan on recording my eurorack with it.
Digital Larry
I use a Behringer patch bay to take finished voices off the modular rack using 1/8" to 1/4" adapter cables. I have the patch bay channels configured as 1-in 3-out passive mults. One output goes to my Behringer RX1602 1u mixer for monitoring and general goofing around. Then another output from the patch bay "mult" goes to an input on my Focusrite 18i8 audio interface. At the moment I'm up to 5 simultaneous inputs and I found it works pretty well recording into SONAR Professional.
IMO, it's essential to have at least 2 output mixers in your modular, that way you can record live and pan things, if necessary, with seperate panning modules, makes a hell of a difference.
Get a soundcraft signature12mtk
I mostly use the Expert Sleepers ES8. You get four channels from your modular into the DAW plus eight channels the other way so you can, for example, use the DAW as a sequencer (and many other things).
i use a sound devices mixpre 6...
I use a 4 channel Presonus interface for input. I normally come out of either a mixer or a VCA and then into the interface, unless it is going through something like a chorus pedal.
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