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Happy holidays! Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people.

Expanding my system
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Author Expanding my system
This is another (not so common here) newb 'where I should go next' sort of type of thread so if you're appalled by these things you have been warned. No, I can't really blame you.

A question that comes up a lot in these threads is what kind of music the user wants to make. And I don't have an answer for that. I don't know how to make music in the traditional sense but I am having fun with my modular, and I really let it to guide me in whichever direction seems interesting at the time. . However I am drawn to dark ambient stuff, electro or essentially the combination of the two: all of Gerald Donald's work (drexciya, dopplereffekt, der zyklus, etc) and the things Helena Hauff and Stringray use to play.

This is my current system:

plus a simple joystick not seen here.

I need some insights on how to proceed. I take pride that my system is 100% DIY and I'd like to keep it that way.

Things that are scheduled for building:
3 vcos including a digital one
2-3 envelopes including a complex one
2 filters
1 clock divider (probably a motm version of temps utile)
1 sonic portion lxr (not modular related but I don't have any other equipment)
utilities (mixers, maybe active multiples)
a wavefoldder

these should keep me busy for at least 6 months but I'd love to have a greater plan.

Please chime in, your experience is needed.
That's a pretty nice system already thumbs up If it was me I would next add some clocking/divider type modules and another sequencer.
Thanks John. I plan to a a Turing machine and a M185 when pcbs become available.

Any suggestions for clock generation/manipulation modules?
ppkstat wrote:
Thanks John. I plan to a a Turing machine and a M185 when pcbs become available.

Any suggestions for clock generation/manipulation modules?
All of the clock and divider type modules I have were prebuilt but I took a wuick look and made a list of things for you to check out. Hopefully people who have experience with them will chime in:

YuSynth - Clock Divider
CGS - Master Divider

Actually there are some eurorack kits that might interest you that 5U folks have turned into 5U modules, and some that probably could be, like:
Or . . .just look through this list: hTemethod=max&SearchBuildtype=d
These are all dividers. Hopefully Temps utile will take care of all these but I might also build a rcd+scm combo.

A sequential switch would also be a nice addition when the system gets a bit bigger.
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