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Looking For Opinions On A First Rack
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Author Looking For Opinions On A First Rack
Hey guys, new member here. Been lurking in the background and soaking up a lot of information for the past couple months. I already own a MS-20, Mother 32, SQ-1, and a Drumbrute. I am going to add a Beatstep Pro so i can step away from the Ableton for sequencing. Want to stick the mother 32 in the rack for ease of use and am going to build a 6U 104hp case with the Doepfer DIY kit. After a lot of different rigs i finally came up with this. Seems very accessible for a first rack and seems to have a good range of functionality. But i could be wrong, looking for everyones opinion on the rig. Want to be able to do some complex ambient soundscape type stuff, but also want to be able to do some melodic based techno/house. 8
The most important thing I can tell you is please don’t buy too many modules at once (maybe you’ve already done that but.. well). You have the M32 so you can start with Maths, Clouds and a mult. Every module is deep and is so much better to start small and find out every connections you can make between all of them.
The rest is a question of taste:
1) Instead of two 132-3 I would go (first) on the qued VCA (or MI Veils), and (after a while) the Quadra and (even later on) its expander. It’s the same width and you can have more juice from them. Yeah, Maths gives you envelopes, but Quadra will release Maths for these duties so you can use more wisely.
2) Have you consider Pamela’s New Workout? I don’t mean instead of batumi, I mean besides Batumi. The menu diving is not that complicated and it’s a hell of a module.
3) Instead of the A-110-2 I’d go for the STO or the Dixie II+. You’ll be able to take so much more juice from them.
4) and, last but not least, I’d consider the Syntech E330. This baby gives you waveforms like the Erica one (with no jump between waves), but also gives you fm in DX style and a clouds generator (several sines or saws with small detuning) that could help in the music you want to approach.

And have fun!

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