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Pamela New Workout and Logic Pro have some commitment issues
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Author Pamela New Workout and Logic Pro have some commitment issues
As some of you may or may not know, Logic Pro X (or any logic since Logic 8) does not support midi clock sync- So logic can't be slaved to an external midi clock signal.

I have been trying to rationalise this development decision but I can only put it down to the idea that the computers would have a superior time keeping potential, and most producers would be working in box.

Anyways long story short, Logic will only receive MTC info which is not helpful when implementing PNW (and exp-1) as your dedicated master clock. With Ableton this is not a problem, it is happy to receive and be slaved to an external midi clock.

Its not really helpful for me to go into the details on why I want PNW to be the master clock, i think thats pretty obvious. What I would say though is that I have spoken to apple and the Logic DEV team and they have told me that if there is enough demand for the feature of midi clock to be added back into the DAW then they will do it with the next update.

So this post is to serve two purposes:

Let Logic Pro users know that at the minute it will not be possible to slave Logic to PNW so don't waste your time trying.

If you want it to be a feature that you can do this in the next update of Logic, that will be more likely to happen if you drop the DEV team a line at the link below:

I feel you, been using Logic since 2.6 and this kind of stuff befuddles me. I solved it by using Ableton for anything involving the modular/complex MIDI routing/Reaktor/Max and then using Logic for anything else(more traditional linear recording/editing). Bit of a kludge but it has worked for me so far.
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