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E 340 Cloud Generator
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Author E 340 Cloud Generator
Hey supersaw fans, I just got the E 340 CG, but I cannot get it to play whole notes, It keeps playing half notes, even If I map in C D E F etc in my midi.

My Doepfer A110-2 do not, It plays what I put in the midi.

So I bought a A 183 Dual attenuator thinking this would solve my problem, no luck )=
Half notes is a unit of length - I.E. a half note is half as long as a whole note, but twice as long as a quarter note. I suspect you mean quarter tone pitches, or anything other than half step intervals.

The e340 responds to 1V/oct signals the same as any other module - it's continuously variable, your pitch variation depends on what you're putting into it. I suspect there's some misunderstanding of how to use your pitch cv source, whatever that may be.
I have to put the scale at 099 on my doepfer A 190-4, for the E340 to play the correct notes, but my other oscillator need the scale to be set at 055 to play the correct notes, so I kinda have to use 1 oscillator at a time )=
What input are you using on the e340 for pitch cv?
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