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anyone else having problems with modulargrid too?
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Author anyone else having problems with modulargrid too?
I can't seem to be able to drag modules around or delete them. I've tried with an android using chrome and a pc with firefox and chrome but the site appears to be somewhat broken. Is anyone else having this problem as well?
Not having that problem with Modulargrid. I'm on a Windows 7 PC with Chrome.

The problem I'm having with Modulargrid is that they show me too much cool stuff I'll never be able to afford. sad banana
I get occasional problems like not being able to type in the search box, but nothing that isn't fixed by reloading the page a few times.
No problems here. Windows 10.
Just another rookie
The only problem i have is it always leads me to spending money!

Sometimes it logs you out which causes issues like you describe.
i once had such problems you've described but that was due to a very weak internet connection on my end, it acts funky if you try to move more than one module around while the "spinning wheel still spins" and it hasnt synced your last move to the server yet.
Digital Larry
I can't delete most 1U tiles, which is getting a bit annoying because the cat keeps harassing me.
Just another rookie
There’s a thread somewhere called something like, not another modular rack planner or something like that?

It’s from the guy who invented/created modular grid.

Get hold of the man!

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