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Optomix or Dynamix or something else entirely
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Author Optomix or Dynamix or something else entirely
So this is the state of my rig at the moment.

I mostly pair it with a machinedrum or sq-1 and mostly use it for a bit of everything to be honest from drones to bongos and sometimes even just synth sounds. Most of what i make is rhythmic though.

You might notice that i have a gap crying out to be filled though and i have been thinking of either filling it with an optomix or a dynamix. I like the possibilities of using the dynamix for am synth sounds but it seems like they pretty much do the same thing. I was wandering if you lot had any preference or suggestion for one over the other or for anything else that might be good to go in that slot.

One other thing i was thinking about slotting in was an mmg but i am open to advice and suggestion for anyyhing reslly.

Seems like they would be a bit redundant with the LxD in there, maybe consider a ModDemix if you want to do AM stuff? It would double as a non-LPG VCA in there, too. It would also add some mixing capability. Overall you're pretty light on mixing and VCAs, the ModDemix helps with both.
The Junglechrist
The Dynamix and Lxd combo is quite nice and overlap less than with the Optomix. The moddemix would be à good choice as well of course.

You can check this video i did comparing the Dynamix and Optomix :

i have an optomix and a lxd. i vastely prefere the lxd! have a look into it!
I have an Optomix and a ModDemix, both the mk1 versions. They compliment each other very well - not least in the way they look. I wouldn't recommend either for straight VCA duties, as both have their own 'character', unlike e.g. a Doepfer A132-3 VCA, which sounds pristine to my ears. But both Optomix and ModDemix offer far more than a straight VCA, in terms of LPG and AM / Ring Mod duties. The ModDemix also had a high 'blinkenlights' quotient....
Optimix is pretty versatile module. Not only acoustic emulated percussion for audio, but also handling cv with unique character.

Dynamix shines when it handling the audio source which already has wide dynamic range. Since their “dynamic” parameter acts as slew/envelope follower for gain reduction/expansion. So it’s really fun to feed the percussive sound or whatever dynamic sound source you’ve already made by other vca,lpg,filter,sampler whatever function.
Also it opens/closes much faster than optimix/lxd, so it works as AM. And I guess if you have inverter, mult, you may achieve Ringmod with both channels too.
Oh, by the way MMG was officially “retired”. No more production. If considering it.
Thanks people, i opted for a moddemix in the end. I had discounted it as just a dual ring mod noth noticing it could do more. Its pretty good bang for your buck in that size and i like the slight colour it seems to add to the sound. Plus as Blairio said, blinkylighyness is an important factor.

I also dropped in a doepfer mixer too. I am noticing the difference having them in is making already, i guess sometimes its the 'boring' modules that are the most important.

I only have a few HP left and am choosing between adding a small set of vca's, an attenuator or maybe even the pico sequencer.

Also considering swapping the doepfer mixer for the pittsburgh modular 2+2 mixer because it can act as a mixer and attenuator which just seems handu in a small system.

Thanks agsin, any more advice welcome.
3xMIA is pretty handy too. May works well with moddemix and lxd.
Just seen the steady state fate mixmode and expander which look like that might be fun too.
beliefsystemrecords wrote:
i have an optomix and a lxd. i vastely prefere the lxd! have a look into it!

Don’t let the price fool you. The LxD is SUPERB!!! I especially love the bottom LPG (6 dB/octave, non-resonant). It’s so natural sounding and can enhance even the simplest timbres. The top and bottom also sound nice in series.
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