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Downtempo Ambient Music (caution: can contain harmonies)
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Author Downtempo Ambient Music (caution: can contain harmonies)
We played a live gig at an art exhibition opening last Sunday.

If you can spare 1 hour and 23 minutes, and find dancing in slow motion way too exhausting, this one is for you. Lay down, relax, and let us do the work.

And one of these days, SC embedding will really work…

[s] w[/s]
I think the link is too long, try shortening it and embedding will work.

Nice gig. Very polished for a live, modular experience. You have many, many keyboards. How many are you in the act? Like five people? wink
Can't shorten the link, as it is derived from the title of the piece.

Happy to read you like the music! Normally we are 3 persons playing, but the 3rd couldn't make it at that day. One person plays the Eurorack system and the Arturia keyboard on the left, one persons plays the Buchla on the right.

The story behind the 5 keyboards on the right is this: The leftmost one is for the Octatrack, together with the NanoControl. The NanoControl controls the levels of the eight tracks of the Octatrack, the faders control the main output levels (= what the audience hears), the knobs control the internal cue mix leves (= what I hear on headphones). The keyboard allows me to easily transpose Octatrack sequencer steps.

The remaining four keyboards at the right control the four voices of the Buchla, so I can play each voice with a different sound and different notes. Alternatively, I can switch the system so that I can play all four voices from one keyboard.
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