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Why from time to time I overdrive the DRM1
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Author Why from time to time I overdrive the DRM1
I like the DRM1 so much because it sounds great, can go nasty too and possiblities are infinite with such a tool. I focus here only on 1 tiny aspect, showing quickly a few sounds with overdrive, so you know how it can sound.
Sorry if explanations and comments are not good detailled, but I can't spend more time when I do these. Still I wish to share.

Be warned: it gets loud sometimes. Like at 3:55 when I open completely the filter while it is self-oscillating. Or for instance at 6:10 with the oscillator.


BTW: something I should have say in my video about the "bleeding" of the Drive module that I mentionned. It's because the signal I send into the VCA is very high and because I set the Drive on "hard". And it does not bother me at all, if it did I'd simply unplug the signal going into the VCA + I use this module often set to "Link", which means the signal goes then from VCA to Drive anyway, which is and awesome option.
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