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Something to pair with a synthi
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Author Something to pair with a synthi
I am looking to add some control voltage madness to my vcs3 and maybe another layer or tone also , i came down to a serge panel for starters , any recommendations ? the focus is random / sh / modulation / sequential modulations of a kind , really more about adding more modulation sources into the synthi and as the start of a serge section in the studio.

serge and ems together any good ? the red control i think for starters
I offer various kits to add features to Synthi A and VCS3 :
including a S&H :

And some DIY infos

Not Serge but worth a look however. cool

To work with external gear, a good interface helps, you want to check Digitana's nice modules, he could do custom builds with banana sockets.
the Digitana matrix breakout is great for this -interface/
hmm, what control voltage ranges does a synthi expect (e.g. to open a vca or filter)?

numan7 wrote:
hmm, what control voltage ranges does a synthi expect (e.g. to open a vca or filter)?


i think its ok with most or that can be sorted before it hits the synthi i think
kbrush wrote:
the Digitana matrix breakout is great for this -interface/

yeah this is on ' the list ' but i need the vcs3 mk1 matrix version which i dont think is being sold yet , not entirely sure how the presto patch input on my new vcs3 is wired for a mk1 matrix which it has , i thought they all conformed to mk2 matrix specs maybe so i may be able to just use the aks/mk2 version i guess but lose the separate Osc outs and ins possibly.
Having both a Synthi and a Serge for many years I can comment.

The Synthi has few main IN/OUT capabilities:
1) Using the Output/Meter jacks to send audio/CV out to another device
2) Using the two Input's to send CV/Audio into the Synthi
3) Creating a special cable using the Cinch-Jones that also provides a third input via the "Seq" switch on the Joystick which then disables the verticle Joystick as a control.
4) Getting custom 3.5mm to IN or OUT Pin cables from Robin that allow you to direct inject audio/cv to a specific column (The device needs to be grounded to the Synthi for these to work..any connection to the top mounted jacks will do this.

Serge & Synth:
1) The main challenge is the banana to 1/4" or 3.5mm conversion which can be done with a simple converter box.
2) In general the interaction works well as long as you attenuate the incoming signal using the Input pots, or use an external attenuator to scale the incoming signal. Both audio and CV work just fine going into the Synthi and really expand the sonic mayhem.
3) Some of the response of the Synthi works backwards (+ goes -) but I can't recall which.
4) High speed filter modulation requires you bypass the capacitor that slews high freq modulation (easy to do and Papaz has switch pots so you don't have to drill holes)
5) Personally I have looked at getting something like a Make Noise O-Coast which I tried with the Synthi and that was a sweet, compact pairing with a goodly amount of sound and cv choices to insert into the Synthi. My only desire was for more random sources...but that's me.
6) A small Euro set up would be easier and I've also looked at the Steady State Fate Ultra Random and Verbos Random Sampling modules for multiple random sources from one module.
7) You could always go with Elby Serge modules in Euro format with mini plugs or Random Source. I have two custom panels from Rex.
8) And of course the extension boxes shown above give way more connection points but need a Presto Patch socket and are not inexpensive.
9) BTW, I had one of the Mic inputs changed to accept an Trigger Input to the Envelope which needs at least +4. I don't recall what the CV range is exactly but I have also use the CV outs of a QuNexus to play the Synthi in a tonal manner.

Hope this helps...
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