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Toward FULLY generative :: An evolving drone-scape
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Author Toward FULLY generative :: An evolving drone-scape

My process on this one was to start with a single STO, driving the 1V/O with a single Batumi channel at its absolute slowest cycle. Initially with no quantization, just a slow up and down glissando taking 3 minutes or so. To that I then added a subtle vibrato via another much quicker Batumi channel. The next defining moment was to find a way to bring the vibrato in and out, allowing the tone to alternately shine through clearly, and then spill back into wiggle world. Having that happen at purely symetrical intervals was not so interesting. Batumi Trapezoidal ramp to the rescue! Now it would maintain a steady state for a longer period at the roof of the trapezoid, only descending into chaos periodically at the up and downward slopes of the trapezoid boundaries. I then followed a similar approach to bring the percussive sounds in and out, but using a slightly faster Batumi channel to add an asynchronous counterpoint. Blah-blah-blah. Have a listen.

And a longer run of the patch for those of you brave enough to take the ride. smile
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