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Flux Cleaner (UK)
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Author Flux Cleaner (UK)
Hey what's up, i'm looking for some flux cleaner... i've heard really good things about MG chemicals 4140 because it, well, works. and because it's an aerosol. it also treats the boards nicely... unlike iso alcohol wink ers/flux-remover-for-pc-boards-4140

however, it seems like it's not available in the uk... anyone got any suggestions for an equivalent product available over here?
The MG Chemicals product is basically just ethyl alcohol, with small amounts of isopropyl alcohol and ethyl acetate to make it undrinkable and exclude water. I doubt that it'll really treat the boards any more nicely than neat isopropyl alcohol does. If you can find denatured ethyl alcohol that is denatured with something volatile (e.g. what I think on your side of the pond is called "methylated spirit" - not rubbing alcohol with camphor or similar, because the camphor won't evaporate) then it should be reasonably equivalent.
This was recommended in another thread here on muffs so I ordered it and can confirm it’s great and more effective than my can of IPA: 1470
Paradigm X
thats the one i used, recommended by the Synthprof (synth repair dude).

works well.
alright i'll probably get some. heard bad things about servisol (but not this product)

thanks my dudes.
I had Chemtronics Flux off as it was recommended when I was starting my TTSH..

Plus you get to say Chemtronics in a Mantronixs voice.....
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