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Did my first non-sequenced patch today... gadzooks!
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Author Did my first non-sequenced patch today... gadzooks!
Digital Larry
I'm sure I must seem totally wet behind the ears, but I got into modular somewhat by accident, so my main concept up to now has been that it should be like any musical synthesizer playing notes of the artist's (cough) direct choosing.

Yesterday I finished putting together my 4U rack which includes:

Microbe Modular Equation Composer
Erica Black Dual VCF
Erica Black Xfade
Erica Black Octasource
Synthetic Sound Labs V-Gates
Pulp Logic Atten-B x 2
Pulp Logic Spring Reverb
Pulp Logic Att-Off x 2

I thought I would see what I could make with just this. HOLY SMOKES! What a bunch of weird stuff I have coming out of this thing. And the best part about it compared to my previous life when I was thinking, "well yes of course the VCO goes into the VCA and then the VCF, and you can have one or two EGs and blah blah", I have little or no idea what is going on or why it sounds this way! It's pretty fun. I think I will record some of it because I know it will just blow away in the wind otherwise.

From day one keyboards and such were verboten in my system. I was persuaded to include a sequencer, but I rarely use it and am on the verge of swapping it out for something else. The whole attraction for me was the possibilities offered by this thing being able to play itself with me only acting as a kind of director or conductor.

In addition to the weird stuff, you can actually get really musical and melodic results without using prepared sequences. Quantized LFOs, Turing Machines, even different oscillators tuned at intervals can be fun.

And, sure - record, record, record. But the main thing is enjoy the moment. Sometimes it's OK just to let things blow away in the wind... Om
Digital Larry
It's funny because I have used MIDI almost from the beginning but have no real talent on the keyboard. Yeah I can poke out a bass line and spread my fingers and mash random chords. I can noodle on my Beatstep Pro much easier than a regular keyboard. Mostly I play guitar in recognizable (?) styles and bass, mandolin, ukulele.

One thing I really like about modular is that you quite often don't know what you're going for but you can stumble onto something and then explore that vein for awhile. And yes, sometimes you can't find your way back later.

I've said it here many times but I can barely deal with a DAW. Sometimes I just record things into Audacity. But I hardly ever go back and do anything with those. But sometimes I do, which I suppose is better than never!

Rockin' Banana!
My first module I wanted a good base and something that could be self patched so I picked up a 143-4 quad vco/lfo. I managed to get some really cool and surprisingly musical things occasionally in between sound similar to a truck idling. I have to go back every now and then and just self patch one module to see how far I can stretch it as it's too easy to fall into a routine when you approach a new patch.

Just today after about a year I am still learning about functions that I largely ignored, the reset/dir switch on the module. Now I realize I can easily make saw waves vs. only have squares and triangles. Long story short here is one read through the manual may not be enough.

Nothing wrong with sequencers, I really got into this for discovery, learning new skills and experimentation in weird noises so it's great to find just how versatile any single module is.
I started into Eurorack from about 15 years of DAW-based sequencing, and I'm still comfortable with that and it's still probably my main working method, when I'm not doing drones. But I do like having other approaches available, and using them in combination.
This is a little self serving since my company makes mainly controllers, but if you are going abstract and thinking about ditching the traditional keyboard but still want expressive control over the sound, check out the Synthwerks line of Force based modules and slide-pot modules. You can go a lot of different places with them.
Digital Larry
Here's one of my further experiments using the V-Gates, Octasource, Pico Drums, and Equation Composer as the primary elements. nt

This is the sort of stuff that when I listen to other people doing it, I think "what the ()*@#$ was THAT", but when I do it, it's absolutely brilliant. Maybe it's because this minute long excerpt reminds me of the hour I spent actually doing it!
cptnal Cool stuff dude!
recoveryeffects wrote:
cptnal Cool stuff dude!

Guinness ftw!
+1 to non-sequenced patches. When starting, learning the possibilities of creating interconnected sounds via multiple envelopes with end-of-rise and end-of-cycles triggers really drew me into the appeal of making music with modular.
Well done
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