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Original 200e FAQ from 2008
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Author Original 200e FAQ from 2008
I was surfing on the Wayback Machine and found this FAQ from Buchla's website circa 2008. It reads like it was written by Don, but I don't know for sure. I like this part the most:

You refer to the 200e as an analog system. But your oscillators use digital techniques. What gives?

The common meaning of these terms (analog vs. digital) stems from historical association between user environment and supportive circuitry. An analog synthesizer is one that uses analog elements, such as knobs and wires, for user interaction. ...

We define the 200e synthesizer as analog. By that, we are describing the aspect that the user contacts as analog. The underlying circuitry is a hybrid mix, constantly flowing from one domain to the other - not even predictable from one module to the next - always designed for uncompromising performance - never for adherence to a design style.

Definitely worth poking around in there. ries200e.html
Om i kind of like this perspective on analog vs. digital (don's or whoever's among his associates it was).

after all, the gate circuitry upon which all of so-called digital electronics is built follows the exact same principles of electricty that a transistor ladder filter does.

it's just that everything has been biased in a very particular way, so that the larger circuits can perform useful feats such as storing data and performing algorithms.

but down at the sub-microscopic level the electrons aren't doing anything differently than they would in a so-called analog circuit.

confused otoh, the root of the word 'digital' is 'digit'. and that kind of goes with "elements, such as knobs and wires, for user interaction" as well as or better than the word 'analogue', i'd say, since you manipulate knobs and wires mostly with your fingers (i.e digits).

but this is is somewhat of a departure from:

"A single switch can accomplish many functions; multi-level menus, data selectors, and LCDs provide a compact and cheap-to-build facility. These systems do not consider the user interface to be of paramount importance"

as the faq describes digital interfaces. hmm...

Dead Banana

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