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Composing for theatre
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Author Composing for theatre

I made a video where I talk about some of the techniques I used for composing for theatre. It involves a good part of my studio, hope some of you find it interesting!
Thank you, Hainbach, you did a good job describing and showing your approach, well, it all looks so easy hihi

Also the heavy use of mojo gear doesn´t leave a bad taste, as it all makes sense, no wanking around, if I may say so.

Big thumbs up
Thank you! I love keeping everything simple, even if it does not look like it when you come into my studio. And to keep it simple, I use crooked roads like in the video, to trick my brain to not overthink but listen and react.
The Grump
Thank you for the insights and tips. So much valuable information! Love that the Cocoquantus plays such a significant part in your process. Awesome tool. And big ups on the 441! Just dropping all kinds of secret weapons!

I find it interesting that you are working in Ableton instead of Logic or ProTools for this stuff.
@TheGrump: thank you! In terms of pure sound quality I should work with Nuendo, loved that. But live is what I use because I also run the live sets for theatre from it, so its all one platform.
The Grump
For purest sound quality, I find I get the best results from SoundBlade, but it a bit awkward to use at first and is audio only. Amazingly surgical tool for mixdown and mastering, but the workflow and immediacy of creativity are nothing like Ableton/M4L, and uniformity of platform makes sense.

Who made that reel-to-reel you used with the 441? I recognize it, but forget the mark. A friend used to use one to capture CV.
Its a NAGRA III by Kudelski. Gonna check out SoundBlade, thx for the tip!
The Grump
Right, a Nagra! Thanks!
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