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Netflix Stranger things & Modular synthesizers
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Author Netflix Stranger things & Modular synthesizers
Hey guys,

I'm sure a lot of you know the famous Netflix's production "Stranger Things". I have discovered a really interesting article on SOS that deals with the guys that made the music. Looks like a lot of modular and analog stuffs have been used :
Fantastic theme song and kept me watching it. smile

Inspired me to play it on my MS20 mini
Yea, stranger things was the thing that finally made me pull the trigger on eurorack. It's been fun. I really like how Survive as a gear list in their latest album too.
Don't forget that a ton of S U R V I V E s sound is not euro.
I've seen them live and there was no modular on stage. To make the title arp all you need to do is walk up to a juno 60, hit hold, turn the arpeggio on up down, and play a C chord with an added 7th.

Welcome to modular though!
The SOS article is interesting--i didn't realize they used so much modular for the soundtrack.

To take it in a completely different direction, Reverb has a free Sounds of Stranger Things Ableton Live Pack available for download. I actually found it kind of fun to mess around with for an afternoon.
Ya +1 Stranger Things caused me to explore analog gear. I might not be here if it weren't for that show tbh. I was always working in the box before that - it really made me take interest in the analog sounds.
Great find, Thanks! The theme is brilliant. Wish I still owned a Juno 60...
Sorry for the self promotion Mr. Green (hides) but I thought some of you might enjoy this piece I did 8 years ago that has some similarities to the Stranger Things theme?

Interesting you mention this, several times I've jammed on my modular while my friends are around they say it sounds like the Stranger Things intro. I later found out that it's because the arpeggio I always play is in the theme song. Kinda cool but now everyone permanently associates it with that show lol
"No Stranger Things" is the synth version of "No Stairway" hihi

(It's a pretty great soundtrack, and I like a lot of SURVIVE's other work too. But for a while it seemed like 1/3 of synth videos people were posting were covers of it... only to be briefly interrupted when Blade Runner 2048 renewed interest in THE best movie soundtrack on synths grin)
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