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Random*Source SSG Mechanically Oscillating
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Author Random*Source SSG Mechanically Oscillating
Ok... So this is by far the weirdest behavior in a DIY project I have come across. I was tinkering with a different project in my studio and kept hearing this high pitched noise. The noise floor here is quite low and it was coming from my modular. I immediately thought, "PSU!" So I removed some modules and put my ear up to the PSU. Nothing. Then I started looking around my case and at my 19" rack for the noise. Nothing! Long story short, after quite a bit of hunting, I found that my SSG is oscillating when in cycle mode and the rate knob is above 3 o'clock. The module works great, but this noise is a bit annoying. I pulled the unit out to inspect and didn't find any issues. It came to me with all SMD pre-soldered, so I only soldered in the hardware...which wasn't much. The thing took 30-45 minutes to put together. Has anyone come across anything like this in a synth module? Is this normal for the SSG? Serge tends to surprise me with its quirks, so if this is normal then NBD. I'd like to fix it if not.

I should add nothing is plugged into this module besides power and I can hear it. When I pull it out an put it up to my ear, some component is definitely oscillating.
I suspect someone has just experienced this with the OLED display in a Dervish. The first time someone has mentioned it. I think I'm going to get the module back to repair, so it'll be interesting to see if this is the cause.

The SSD1306 OLED controller includes a charge pump to provide 7.5V for the display. The charge pump requires 2 external caps, so not that dissimilar to the LCD backlight in that EEVBlog video.
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