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µTune input configuration
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Author µTune input configuration
I have a Utune and would like to know the setting that would allow me
to shut off its quantizer. In other words, I want to use the midi out
on the Utune but don't want Utune to change/quantize the pitches it

there are multiple ways to deactivate CV-in:

1) Don't plug in anything. µTune will automatically detect this and switch to midi input mode.

2) Configure the input. In the channel settings, configure the cv input(s) to anything but 'pitch'. If you do not want to use the input at all, you can configure it as 'none'
do not want to deactivate the pitch in. I want to deactivate the quantizer. Does this make sense?

I want: CV input ---> Utune Midi Out with no quantizer change.

The input is always quantized. If you want to reduce the number of quantization steps, you could set a very high number of input notes per volt and set the same number in a TET scale.

For example: Setting 48 notes for the CV IN Notes/V settings
and create a TET scale in the editor with 48 notes: Set number of notes to 48 and press NEW

This will give you a resolution of 25 cent

The resolution of the input does not allow for more precision - it is built to always run in quantizer mode
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