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Abstract sound/noise with minimoog
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Author Abstract sound/noise with minimoog
Any suggestions for recordings of non-pop, non-new age, noise and sound using primarily minimoog? I am reducing my kit to a single behringer D for the simplicity and just for the hell of it.

I haven't found much online besdes this great Sun Ra minimoog solo on youtube:

Right now I am using a Roland SE-02 and it does well for me, but I want to take things down a level of complexity

Would love to here more use of minimoog outside of the usual rock and roll shite.
its a great drone synth, tuning the three oscillators close but not perfect so they beat against each other. also you could make interesting drone sounds by FMing the filter with oscillator 3 or FMing the other two oscillators with osc 3. also do the headphone out to mixer input trick to make the filter not loose all of its bass frequencies when you turn the resonance up.
Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like I am sticking with the se-02 afterall. But it has the same basic structureas the mini and clones and I can apply most of the same techniques. So true that these are naturals at drone stuff! I have been usually drawn to dynamic angular types of things, but find I'm enjoying exploring these sounds. It is like mixing paints.
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