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Macbeth modules
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Author Macbeth modules
I just got a hold of some Macbeth 5U modules, specifically:

- Oscillator A
- Oscillator B
- Filter A
- Filter B
- dual EG
- mixer

I have limited room, so I'm going to replace some of my existing modules with the above, but wanted a sanity check in case I'm missing something:

- I have 3 x Q106A setup in one case that I was going to replace with 3 x Macbeth (A/B/B)
- replace dotcom transistor ladder filter with Filter A
- replace Q107 SVF with Macbeth Filter B.
- replace Moon dual EG with Macbeth dual EG. I lose the gate button but gain a lot more other stuff. How are Macbeth EGs?
- replace dotcom reversible mixer and noise with Macbeth mixer

Anything crazy up there I should be aware of before I take things apart?
I've never been fortunate enough to own any Macbeth modules, congrats! w00t

I'd say since you'll have all of the modules there at once you should take some time and compare them for yourself since, only you can decide which ones are better for you. cool
JohnLRice wrote:
I've never been fortunate enough to own any Macbeth modules, congrats! w00t

Super lucky. A pile were up for sale on the Facebook 5U Sale group and I took a gamble and bought 8 of them.

So far I like them a lot. The filter B and oscillators sound great. Side by side with my moon svf filter I dont hear glaring differences. And while they cost more they were way less than cwejman modules and maybe 2x Moon (but a lot more than dotcom).
I suppose I will keep this thread open as I figure things out.

Moon 505 MMF vs. Macbeth Filter B

Ignoring sound (which is very subjective, and they both sound good).

Moon 505 has continuous variable filter mode; Macbeth is discrete selection
Moon 505 has CV control of regen; Macbeth does not
Macbeth can mix 3 input signals, and normals noise into the third; Moon 505 takes a single audio input
Macbeth attenuates both freq inputs; Moon 505 attenuverts a single input

Macbeth having a mixer is incredibly handy, but I love CV control of resonance. So I'll keep both smile
Macbeth Mk 1 Dual EG
* built in VCA (!)
* trigger input normalled to both EGs
* fast/med/slow switch for each EG
* EG has attenuverted outputs
* VCA CV input has attenuation

Moon 511D Dual EG
* separate positive/negative EG outputs
* normal vs. retrig selection
* normalled gate input
* manual gate button (very handy)
* EGs have fixed time ranges, unsure how they compare to Macbeth

I'm likely going to sell the 511D -- gate input is handy, but the Macbeth seems equally good and has that VCA.
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