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Looking for a good DIY 909 kick
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Author Looking for a good DIY 909 kick
Can anyone point me in the direction of a good, *current* DIY 909 kick drum project (Eurorack)? I’ve searched the forum and all the options I can find so far seem to be legacy projects/discontinued. Ideally looking for something that’s not too expensive and not too big (HP-wise, I have a deep case, so depth is not an issue).

I’m not averse to building the circuit myself on stripboard, so any link to that type of project would also be good.

But 909 kick was never good? (hides)
When I say “good”, I mean a good emulation. Whether or not you like the 909 kick sound doesn’t matter to me. I make techno and I love it!
Dave Kendall
EDIT; oops, wrong circuit - originally posted links are for 606 kicks not 909 Doh ! . zombie

See post a bit further down the thread for links to 909 BD circuits.

original post (for 606 BD)

Here you go :
Two versions of the BD here

and some BD mods which may be useful here
Enjoy. cool
That’s awesome, thanks Dave! Am I right in thinking this is a 606 style bass drum, rather than 909? Or are they very similar?
Dave Kendall
* this post removed as it's now irrelevant - see above and below for something that makes sense. Sort of. *
The hexinverter one is nice. When he got out of the diy game hex mentioned modularaddict was going to take over the old diy projects so you may want to ping them and ask what's up?
Dave Kendall
OK - now my brain is (sort of) working again, try these. . .
909 BD

Or this one
909 BD #2

with a thread about it here;

and the 9090;
9090 home page

9090 on eBay

thumbs up
Brilliant, thanks :-)

As it happens, I’ve just been talking to a friend about modding the 606 Tom circuit to get a 909ish bass drum, so those links are still useful.

Thanks for all the info, it’s much appreciated!
Dave Kendall
Just updated the post above your last with some proper links.

Now it's time for Guinness ftw!

Cheers! Guinness ftw!
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