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Modular duet with generative strings + improv using Linnstru
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Author Modular duet with generative strings + improv using Linnstru
I've been working on this patch for a wee bit now, and since I want to finish building my case it had to be recorded and torn down.

This is my first exploration into distortion, my first video, and I believe my first recording (outside of some echosystem demos) shared on muffwiggler. I'd love some friendly feedback on any/all of it.

Starts mellow and gets a bit wilder towards the end.

Let me know if you have any questions, though the description and video explain a lot of what's going on.

Patch notes copied from youtube description:

Distortion comes from:
-Wavefolding in Befaco Chopping Kinky
-Feedback through Manhattan Analog DTM mixer
-Overdriving the gain in MT8X

Signal Chain

Eurorack --> Yamaha MT8X Mixer --> Empress Reverb & Empress Echosystem effects
Recorded directly into RME babyface pro. No post-recording editing.

Patch notes


Temps Utile (TU) as main clock source. Triggering Meng Qi Karp used as input into Rings. Stereo out of Rings into Ch1&2 of Befaco Chopping Kinky (CK). Amount of wavefolding for each channeled controlled separately from o_C in quadraturia. TU triggering quantization of near random CV to control pitch of Rings playing an Aeolian scale in C with the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th notes active. Lots of modulation controlling Rings. TU trigger for pitch quantization is different than trigger for Karp. Yet another trigger is used to generate Chopp in CK. Befaco joystick is setup to control waveshaping in CK for more wavefolding/distortion fun. Lastly, CK outs are shown on the oscilloscope and fed into the MT8X. Strings are sent with an FX send from MT8X to the glorious Empress Echosystem used in dual L/R with the Old Tape and New Tape engines.


Linnstrument fed to Hexinverter Midi2CV to control the solo leads (control setup notes below). Pitch CV to uBraids (I don't know what mode since I've never got the screen working...). uBraids to Manhattan Analog DTM mixer (based on Moog cp3 mixer). Output from DTM to Freq Cen UK Raging Bull filter (based on Moog Taurus Mk1). Output from Raging Bull split to MT8X AND fed back into second input of the DTM. Throughout the recording I slowly turn up the gain on the feedback path back into the DTM. MT8X sends lead to Empress Reverb running a Flanged Reverb Modulation engine.


-Midi out to Hexinverter Midi2CV midi in.
-Midi2CV setup in MONO mode
-Pitch out to uBraids
-Trigger out to Freq. Central UK System X Env
-LS velocity is sent to Zlob VnIcursal which effectively sets some extra gain to the lead sound
-LS Timbre/Y controls Raging Bull filter cutoff frequency
-LS Pressure/Z opens envelope on Feedback from Raging Bull back into the DTM mixer (which then also increases volume)
love it, cool sounds
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