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Tenshun & Puzzle analog sync tape split
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Author Tenshun & Puzzle analog sync tape split
I have a new tape out with Puzzle (Edomites & Secret Sidewalk).

This tape is a manifesto of permutated pulses. A soundscape palette of infinite frequencies ranging from subsonic poop inductions to dave mustaine ear piercing levels creating a breathing pattern that you can sync to. This release will challenge the listener to push themselves with modular/hardware use. This might not work for all gates in, but it will create a new pathway of thinking with patching your system because you will find unconventional ways to make the sync we provide work for you. Creating a unique pathway toward methods of patching via west coast synthesis mentalities. This will only work for the people that will try because this might not just be a plug in and play experience for you. But try it out, challenge your self and enjoy jamming with us. We thank you for your time and for purchasing this release."

It is available here:

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