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The AI004 is out, a DIY-able tribute to the MS20 filter
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Author The AI004 is out, a DIY-able tribute to the MS20 filter

I realized I forgot to post this here - oops! The AI004 is in stock at and at synthcube and thonk, and shortly at modular addict and other fine retailers.

The AI004 is a loving tribute to the late MS-20 filter (the OTA version, not the korg 35 version in early models) with high pass and low pass modes. The design started with a modernization of the design by Sagitronics, with a gain boost by me, and others, and is now available as a standard built module, or as a kit or pcb/panel set for only $25.

As with all my kits, schematics are free, there is a step by step build guide with pictures (video coming soon), no wiring, and it can be built in an hour or two. Happy building!

For more details, see:
good work on this - great design and easy to follow build guide!
Will try and post a video of it in use shortly..
Thanks for great building materials, was super easy to build!
Love that self-oscilating resonance, still cannot choose between reasonable/crazy tuning:)
nice! I always preferred this version! Had both MS20's and the OTA was sounded much more brutal!
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