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Diy trigger sequencer with accent???
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Author Diy trigger sequencer with accent???
Hello, I'm looking for a diy trigger sequencer that can do 16 steps (or hopefully more) which also has accents. Any thoughts?
Well, since this is the diy section, I’d say: build one hihi
Not exactly what you asked for but the Falafular mixer has a built in accent that can triggered. Perfect little drum mixer.
Cool I've never heard of a mixer with accent. I will look into it. I would design my own thing but I'm not an engineer. I just know enough to put the stuff together.
You could try The Euclidean Polyrhythm Sequencer.
You didn't mention how the sequencer needs to output the accents - eg. how is the accent controlled on the particular drum synth you want to use it with? That obviously dictates which options / solutions are available.

If the drum synth you have has a separate trigger input for the accent, then you just build one multichannel trigger sequencer (or several single channel ones that can be synced) and use one of the tracks for accent instead of an instrument.
or the division 6 sequencer :
Unfortunately not diy but the Doepfer a-157 has me considering breaking my avowed diy only rule - when I have the available cash!
I have built the division 6 dual sequencer and im not too fond of it really. I hate how you cant edit the sequence while its playing. Not like a xoxbox seq at all. The drum modules I have do have a separate accent input. I was hoping to find a diy design that could store sequences maybe. There are a few on the market sequencers that look amazing. Mainly the pittsburgh lifeforms percussion seq, also the MFB seq 1 looks nice. I'm also maybe looking into an arduino solution, although I am very much a novice with writing code in arduino.
I also just picked up a MI grids pcb and panel along with the mouser cart and a stm32 v2 programmer. So I'm excited about that. A bit nervous though considering its my first real sized SMT build. I think having the generative aspects of grids mixed with more standard xox style step sequencing would give me lots of flexibility and control over my rhythems.
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