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Avoiding the thump on sequences (also ROMs)
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Author Avoiding the thump on sequences (also ROMs)
hi, I've been doing some sequencing sort of Berlin style on the Wiard. I've noticed I'm getting a bit of a thump with each note.

I had a similar thing on my Blacet and it seems the answer there was to turn down the output of the envelope generator. As you can attenuate the CV to the filter I assume that the thump is coming from the CV to the VCA.

So on the Wiard I've run the envelator (that was in ADSR mode but I think it also happens in the other modes) out to an attenuator and back to the Z mod of the Mixolator but I'm still not quick getting there. Maybe it's the shape of the envelope - I've tried backing off the Envelator attack a little and also bending the slopes by feeding back the Envelator output to the D mod - again - still not quite there.

Anyone else also explored this area and has experience to share?

Of course I can try patching the Blacet EG out to the Mixolator and see if that does it..or simply decide for that particular application to use the Blacet..

second question - and I've already put this up in the Frac forum, does anyone know what the various wavetables are for the Grant Richter PPG/VS ROM and the Quantizer ROM?

I have both and apart from using them I know very little about them.
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