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Field mixer dc-dc converter
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Author Field mixer dc-dc converter
Hi Folks,
Not entirely sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, so I'm sorry if I'm out of line but I am wondering if anyone knows of a suitable replacement for this dc-dc converter in my field mixer/preamp. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

It may be hard to find something with the same pin-out, but its specs are:
8-33V input (nominal 24V), 3W , +/-12V @ 125mA

The Cincon EC3SA-24D12 (or EC3SA-12D12) are similar spec but different package.
I bought a few of the Cincon on special for $5 each from a place selling bankrupt stock a while back, they are different pin out but work very well with audio and are dead quite. The Cincon EC4B34 which is a lower input 4.7-9v -> +/-12V @350mA version. Great for powering a few Eurorack modules off of USB power or a phone battery/charger.
Thanks so much for the help. I missed this during the MW outage and ended up getting a Traco Ten 3-1222 but I’ll see if I can get the Cincon too. Although Mouser says it’s retricted in the uk for some reason?
Please excuse the potentially stupid question but I have the new DC converter and I'm not sure exactly how the different pins relate to the old ones

on the board there is 8 holes -
2 x 'G in'
2 x 'V in'
2 X 'G out'
1 x -V out
1 x +V out

the new traco converter doesn't have a 'G' but does have 'Common' Are they the same thing? Do both 'Common' connectors need to be connected? I was under the impression that common is the same as ground.

attached the pin out diagram for the 2. the Ibek is the old one and the Traco is one I am replacing with.

any help much appreciated.

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