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What's in your gig bag?
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Author What's in your gig bag?
I'm spinning this off from another thread -- I hadn't thought about this for awhile. I played bass in bands in Austin off and on from the late 80s through late 90s. Nearly everything in this is there because, at one point, I went 'Fuck, I need xxxxx'.

What is in yours that I missed?

Screwdriver with replaceable bit collection
Hex wrench set
Long 1/4" and XLR cables because you never know about the mixers
Bandaids and antibiotic ointment
Self-sticking roll of bandages
Duct tape and painter's tape
Electrical tape
Water bottle
Sharpies - Black and silver
A regular pen and pad of paper
Business cards or band equivalent
Roll of toilet paper
Power strip
Small tactical flashlight
Spare t-shirt
Whatever meds you take on a nightly basis, because who knows where you'll wake up (on the subject, condoms when I was single -- though I was a bass player, so it was usually unwarranted optimism...)
Spare house & car keys
Spare tubes for my amp
Spare strings for my bass
Spare strings for my fucking guitarist's guitars
An SM-58 mic (or whatever cheap mic you have laying around that could be shoved in front of the singer's face when he breaks the one he started with)
(No spare drumsticks, fuck that guy)
Sunscreen if you ever play outdoors
Fingernail clippers (once tore most of a nail off mid-set, it would have been way easier than scissors)
A couple of small candles
Protein bars or whatever high-calorie-dense food you like (nothing like blood sugar crashing mid-song)

This kit basically lived in my car, and fit into a small bag.

I'm sure I've forgotten some stuff as well, it was constantly evolving
    --Gaffers tape (you can replace all those other types of tape)
    --Spare multivoltage power brick
    --Ear plugs
    --Adapter kit (everything plug/jack converter I might need)
    --Extra mixer cables
    --Extra patch cables
+1 for ear plugs
I used to always forget ear plugs! I have some custom ones from EARS which work well... But I have to find them... I have never performed with modular, just guitar and drums, but soon....
Extra patch cables
Headphone monitors
Something to record your set on
+Water to help with dehydration and pre show anxiety.
+1 on adapter kit!
I always bring a few different ones. RCA to 1/8", 1/4" to 1/8", and stereo to dual mono splitters. Just in case I want to plug something in...
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