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High force female pins for Molex C-Grid housings.
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Author High force female pins for Molex C-Grid housings.
Rex Coil 7
I've been using Molex C-Grid stuff such as 2.54mm (0.1") connector housings, both in 10 pin double row and 6 pin single row to make power cables for my 5U and Euro modules.

When I went to buy the female pins, I noticed one part number was called "High Force". I suppose that means it takes more force to plug the housing to the PCB mounted header. This seems like a good idea. I've noticed that plugging and unplugging the ~standard force~ (?) female pins seem to require less and less force to install/remove the multi-pin plugs on to module power connectors after several cycles. I'm not sure what the projected life of those standard female pins is, but it seems they become looser with fewer than ten connection cycles.

That said, anyone know if the High Force pins have higher connection cycle ratings over the standard force pins? Has anyone used these High Force pins themselves? If so, any experiences or knowledge to share about them?

Here's some part numbers:

10 pin housings = Mouser #538-90143-0010

6 pin housings = Mouser #538-90156-0146

Standard Female 22-24awg crimp on housing pins = Mouser #538-90119-2109

High Force Female 22-24awg crimp on housing pins) = Mouser #538-16-02-1114

Thank you.

Rex Coil 7
I've brought this to the top since it's been about two weeks since I posted this.

Any help or experience with this issue would be appreciated! thumbs up

(EDIT: 04/21/18 .. I've unsubbed, this appears to be a dead topic, and I am cleaning out my subscriptions page ... if you have anything you'd like to discuss with me regarding this topic feel free to PM me)
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