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Buchla LoPass Slow vs Fast Audio Demo
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Author Buchla LoPass Slow vs Fast Audio Demo

It is recommended that you have a way to mute left or right channels to hear the differences clearly.

Slow vactrol seems to have nice resonant growls, but not fast enough to thump.
Very nice demo! I built 4 of these, but only used a slow vactrol in one of them. Plus I didn't label it or keep track of which one it's in, so it always kind of surprises me. The slow one does some very nice pops if you just use it as a filter.
Nice demo! I still need to build my Thomas White LPGs. I keep pondering putting in two . . maybe even three sets of vactrol speeds and having them switch selectable but . . . I've hardly researched this at all . . .
I've got two in my queue. I was planning on having a switch to select slow or fast. It's pretty easy to do...but now that I hear them both, I really prefer the fast one...crisper with more punch. But what really sounds best is the two at once.

Thanks for the excellent demo!
I've built one, with the slow vactrols, with the help of my dad (he does the soldering). I have three more PCBs...

Yours have really excellent tone. I'm guessing you used good quality wire, while I just wanted to get mine built and didn't take enough care with that detail. I'll do better next time!

I'll be doing a selector sort of thing with mine. (will be building shortly) I've ordered some fast Silonex Vactrols, to go with whichever come in the kit. (I generally prefer the slower ones actually, as they're the most contrast to a standard VCA. Extra options are always nice though.)
I used the slow VTL5C4 Vactrols in my two.

Been on the fence whether to mod them into switchable Vactrols. I'm leaning against it, because I do like the slow response, it would be a good bit of work, and I also have this:
I built my pair with fast/slow switches connected to 5C3s and 5C4s respectively. It's a very easy and worthwhile modification, as there's a lot of unique territory in each mode. Very different CV response and resonance behavior.

I'd be glad to help anyone who wishes to configure theirs in the same way. [edit: this pertains to the Thomas White PCB.]
Hmmm....I'm wondering if fonik's gate control expansion board could be used with a fast/slow switch... hmmm.....
This is a really great demo, thanks for sharing!

I've got two boards to build and was originally just going to build one of each, but now I'm thinking I'll put switches in each just for the option.

thanks, dan
rico loverde
cool demo, just ordered me a T White one, def wanna try out yr mod negativspace. thanx

I'd love to have the details of how to wire a vactrol switch into the buchla lopass!
I'm on vacation until late next week, guys, but I'll be glad to put together a photo/instruction post when I'm back at home. There are instructions already present here on the forums (on page 6 of the major 292 PCB thread) but they're a little vague. All I'll be doing is clarifying them. w00t
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