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Panel wiring query CGS Modulo Magic with Bridechamber panel
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Author Panel wiring query CGS Modulo Magic with Bridechamber panel
Making an effort to finish up some stuff I've had sitting around for far too long and am hoping someone can provide some guidance here.

Wiring up the CGS Modulo Magic with a Bridechamber panel and am struggling trying to match up some of the panel labeling/pots.


v1 docs

Based on the CGS documentation (v1) here's what I have:
panel input jack and pot - wired as input level on board, simple enough
panel step size pot - wired to +/-15 and ss step size
panel step size CV jack and pot - wired to second ss input
panel offset pot and ext offset jack - wired to ofs
panel ref CV pot and jack - wired to ref on board (Step initiation CV per Ken's sample wiring diagram)
panel steps, rotary switch as per sample diagram as well
output jack to board output, simple enough

What's throwing me are the Ref course tune and Ref fine tune pots.
Is Course the manual step initiation per the sample wiring diagram?

Have built others with bridechamber panels in the past and I remember that the labeling didn't always correspond but this time it's doing my head in (or I'm missing the obvious!)

Thanks in advance, any help greatly appreciated!
I think those ref pots are related to this -

Thanks sduck, I suspected you might have built one and would possibly chime in here.

I was looking at it some more and had started going down that track.

So this is essentially the manual step initiation per the sample wiring, minus the pos/neg switch and with a fine tune pot wired in series. I'll try playing around with that.

No, haven't built that one, but have done several other CGS boards, and have had to do the decoding before. In this case it's not really clear how he means for it to be implemented. I don't know if Scott Deyo has dropped off the face of the planet or is still around here - he might be worth trying to find to see if he has any insight on how to do this.
Good idea, I'll occasionally see something from him on facebook so I'll drop him a line there.

I'll follow up with any answers, or failing that my findings from messing around.
Slow getting back here as I haven't had time to continue working on this but Scott got back to me on facebook and as I suspected the Manual Step Initiation per Ken's diagram is the Ref Course Tune.

Here's what he had to say: "I think my thoughts were: Coarse tune via 470k resistor to pin 2 of IC2, fine tune... maybe 2M to same place. You might want to play with values."

Hope to have time this weekend and will use that as a starting point.
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