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SSSR Labs SM010 Matrixarchate
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Author SSSR Labs SM010 Matrixarchate
Liking this module and thought to leave a few notes here. Can also serve as a troubleshooting thread if any builders have questions...

Pretty straight forward build. Just read the errata clearly marked in the build doc. Two through hole components are marks incorrectly on the PCB and need to be oriented according to the assembly literature.

I would recommend double checking your solder before mounting the LED screens as any improper setting of the two 74HC595 Shift Registers will be hidden and hard to verify later. As well, desoldering the screens can be a pain.

The two screens can be mounted in SCSM-16 type IC socket (split with a knife) or a pair or SIP8 sockets.. but the height will require a lot of pin trimming and even then balancing the new height with the already low profile push buttons is a chore. I did it, but it's a compromise.

Other than that, I found the kit easy and the module a great buy especially for the HP - as compared with, say, the Erica Matrix.

Cheers, ~R
Thanks for the heads up. Nice module.
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