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A Max For Live device to control Disting via Midi
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Author A Max For Live device to control Disting via Midi
Got my Disting recently and seeings that you can control the algorithm/parameters via midi (and because I didn't want my head constantly in the manual) I made up a little M4L device for control from within Ableton.

It has a dropdown for the algorithm and populates parameter names and the info on what A,B,X,Y and Z do from the manual. Not added the main text blurbs yet.

Lookup tables have been made to scale the CC to the parameter range (because the maxmsp 'range' function just didn't cut it) so what you see on the max device is what is set on the Disting.

There is a half second buffer between a dial being twisted and the output being sent because multiple CC messages over a short period of time causes desync with the Disting.

it's not pretty, it's functional. At some point I may go and add in more info, like dropdowns for Scales rather than just the numeric value.

You need Ableton live with Max For Live to use this.

Let me know if you find it useful.


Edit: updated to 1.1
Are people able to see and download the patch attachment in my main post?

I noticed when not logged in that the download is not showing (and have no way of knowing if it only shows up for other logged in users)

If someone reading this could just let me know if it's showing up for them.
Downloads only show for logged in users. It's there.
Thanks applause

Also anything specific I need to do to get the Disting to show the parameters for K-5 Programmable Quantizer ? I know that for some of them files need to be there (the midi/audio based ones) and I've tried feeding it CV on the inputs but still can't get the parameters to show, it's the last table I need to create and then (for the current firmware at least) all the CC to parameter tables are done.
The algorithm won't run unless there are scales on the card. The parameter names are:


        X Atten
        Y Atten
Cheers for that I thought I was overlooking something.

I didn't need the parameter names (can get those from the manual)

its was for creating the lookup table for the CC



Parameter value,  CC value to output
-2, 0 ;
-1, 4 ;
0, 8 ;
1, 12 ;
30, 124 ;
31, 127 ;

(yes one of these was made for all 31 ranges used on the Disting)

Have updated the first post with a new version that incorporates the changes.
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