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Favorite looper pedals?
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Author Favorite looper pedals?
I've been using the looping feature on the Line 6 DL4 for a few years. My favorite thing about the looping functionality of this pedal is that old loops fade out as new ones are introduced. This is extremely fitting for recording ambient music live, as it achieves a natural sounding movement for the performance, and doesn't add up to a wall of recordings. That feature has since become essential for me when it comes to looping.

I would love to find a pedal that incorporates this feature, as well as being able to record several different separate loops that are asynchronous, instead of all loops being limited to the length of your first recorded loop. Also the Dl4 only has a max loop time of 24 seconds, which is usually enough but I would like more.

The fade out functionality could compensated with volume control of each loop, but I digress...

Although this is a thinly veiled pedal recommendation request, I've also come to realize how personal loop pedals and their uses can be to each individual's process. I would love to know everyone's favorite looper pedal is, and why it works for you in your context.
I use the Pigtronix Infinity. Also for a lot of ambient work. I dig it. It's always done well by me. I originally went with it for the MIDI sync but i never actually use that feature. My only two gripes.. the second loop is locked to the first in even increments. It can be longer by "x" amount.. 2 or 8 8 etc... but its still in sync with the first loop. The second is a noticeable loss in quality when pitching the sample down more than an octave... which I like to do for drones. Pitch shifting also effects both loops. independent pitch and length in a pedal would be great.

in any case.. it always done well be me. The built in limiter keeps stuff from getting too nasty which is nice. the memory is also cool for saving ideas real quick
Both the Ditto X4 and the Boomerang III have fade/decay capability - and, what is best, the loops are independent of each other if you so wish, creating different lengths - in the case of the Boomerang, you can have up to 4 completely different loops doing whatever you want and at whatever length (they can also be synched if need be). In the case of the Ditto, you will need to change the factory preset via the dip switches in the back to achieve separate looping. But it can be easily achieved via a flip of a switch.

But, yes, both have decay functions, which are fully controllable via their own knob, dedicated solely to this function.

Though not a looper per say, TC's Triple Delay can also achieve this.
I bought the X4 for its MIDI sync, and overall the looper's pretty great. Does its job. The only real downside for me is that it's huge... I wish the X2 had MIDI.
Have you checked out the frippertronics thread in this sub forum? Lot of discussion there which may be relevant depending on your intentions with your looper.
The Boomerang 3 seems like the ultimate looper.

Anyone familiar with the Ehx 45000/2880/ 22500 series of loopers?
scanningthemirror wrote:
The Boomerang 3 seems like the ultimate looper.

Anyone familiar with the Ehx 45000/2880/ 22500 series of loopers?

For me, the best - amazing looper. The only problem is getting one - one of the owners died and Boomerang seems to have been sold with production being disrupted.

On their site, they are taking preorders, but state that the looper is out of stock - its been like this for a while. At this point, hard to know if they will be back in production or not - hopefully, they will - excellent and very complete looper. Highly recommended!

On EHX, I just have their simple 360 Nano Looper, which I'm not too hot about - EHX makes some interesting stuff and the price is very decent, but the quality is not always standard - I bought the 360 to try something different from the TC Ditto (which I have a few - can never have enough of them).

Not too impressed - it tends to glitch quite a bit if you hit the note when engaging record (this never happens when using a Ditto). Also, you can't change the combination sequence - say, to stop the loop, you have to stomp twice, which, for me at least, is a hassle. Even with a Boss looper you can do this, you can change the step sequence. But you can't do it on the 360. But, again, this is just their most basic looper - I believe its a different ball game with the 45000/2880/ 22500 series.
I had an original boomerang in college, sold it cuz I needed dough. Eventually bought the Boomerang 3. It is feature packed for a one man band situation, but in terms of looping by yourself or in a band context, the original was way more intuitive and I really enjoyed the volume roller as well as the 'stomp per function' once, reverse, etc.

I'f you're playing with other people the last thing you need is tap dancing to change secondary functions and then doing the wrong one.
I know that you're asking about standalone pedals, but Ableton Live and Max and a small MIDI foot controller are my looping solution.
s.l.o.w wrote:
I know that you're asking about standalone pedals, but Ableton Live and Max and a small MIDI foot controller are my looping solution.

Been catching a good deal of guitarists opting for looping via Ableton, which seems the best option available, as long as you don't have any qualms in dragging a computer with you.

Never tried it myself (the only daw I have is an ancient version of Cakewalk and Reaper, which I dished out the grand sum of $60 for), but am quite curious on how to loop via Ableton - some of the demos I've seen are amazing.
I'd love to hear people's thoughts on the Ditto x4 vs. the Pigtronix Infinity. I love my Pigtronix Infinity but I am tempted by the fact that the Ditto x4 takes a typical 9V in, meaning I can daisy-chain it with my other pedals.
I've been interested in the Digitech JamMan Express XT for a while, not managed to try one yet.. The selling point for me is that sync connector. You could build a custom multi-track looping setup with different signal flows going on.. Would be cool to work with a mixer or matrix of some sort.

Anyone tried the sync? They're not that expensive so might just take a punt on a couple of them to try.
I use the EH 360. I don't play guitar through it. I just use it as a recall for percussion, wind instruments, etc. It was a bargain, so I scored.

I have the EH 2880. I occasionally use it for live looping. It is a good unit for me, since I am more inclined to simple, straightforward operation (old/dim).

Or I use cassette loops.

There are a lot of choices. See which has the best controls for you. Audio is good on all of them these days.
Yep...EH 2880...1/2 speed and reverse for ambient bliss-out effects...and it's not a fortune!
I was using two X2s on my board and then upped to an X4, I really love the series. I do wish they'd implement the same effects from the X4 in a new run of X2s, the tape stop is a lot of fun. If I wasn't selling off my guitar rig to get into eurorack I'd probably be keeping my X4.
The midi sync on the Pigtronix Infinity was a game changer for me. It wasn't as intuitive for how my brain works, but there's some real depth and opportunities there.
Not a true looper but Strymon El Capistan's sound on sound mode might be what you're looking for. I've used mine for Frippertronic style work to great effect.
My main looper is a Ditto X4 and I love the 2 linked or independent loopers on one pedal. The only downside is the frekin size.. its huge. I use it for longer loops and then I use my Strymon Timeline 20sec looper for smaller/quick loops. Now that I'm typing this, I wonder if I can sync the clocks of the Ditto and the Timeline VIA MIDI... heading to the manuals!
I bought a crazy cheep looper from China called the 'looper 3' it works for the most part razz

I Would love a modded DL-4 for looping though, what Nick Reinhart does is crazy.
DittoX4, 2 Echoplex Pro linked, an Electrix Repeater, and a EHX 16 Second delay reissue. Oh and an Eventide Eclipse. I like options from simple to complex - all have their charms.
I sold my EDP a couple of years ago.

I now use the loopers in the Helix, Axe FX2 and FX8.
I also forgot to mention The Gibson echoplexs, Battles use them to a great effect
Been using X4 for the last few years. Need to figure out this whole Abelton thing.

Also tempted by the various <$100 loopers Amazon keeps putting in my feed.
Rex Coil 7
I have three Boss RC-1 loopers. $99 new, but I bought two of mine "new/open box" at an average cost of $65 each. 90 minutes total time, non volatile memory so whatever is in there when you power down is in there when you power up. Overdub on/off. Two playback modes. One knob, one footswitch.

thumbs up
^ Good call. I see the limited version black case units now. Instant loop. No brainer.
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