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Knower (Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi)
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Author Knower (Louis Cole & Genevieve Artadi)

has anybody ever come across these kids?!

Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi aka KNOWER... by the looks of YouTube, they seem to have put out some "Meme"-ish music in 2015 etc., but have since matured quite considerably...

I came across this through a friend who knows/knew Louis Cole as a jazz drummer...
And I must say, he´s quite good, apparently a pretty decent musician in general... from what I can tell and if you disregards his.. special taste. wink

Anybody familiar with them?

I´m quite hooked on two "live band sesh" videos they put out and which I will link below... but since it contrasts those two tracks so well, let me FIRST post one of the... weird, meme-y ones... hard to believe this is the same two people at the core of this. razz

And these are the two ones that I think are legit awesome little funk numbers:

... and if I really am the only one who didn´t know about these... let me have it!
wouldn´t be the first time I have been criminally oblivious of such things razz
Sorry, you're the last person on earth to know knower razz
Just kidding. I really love their recentish stuff, not so much their old dubstep ones. Some more essentials:

Ok some of those are older than I thought and I just found a real old one that I dig:

Everybody knows about Louis Cole's solo stuff (there is a whole thread about it on here) but some of Genevieve's stuff is just amazing:

Yeah! Love Knower, and this is cool:

hah, I knew as soon as posted this here that I wouldn´t be the only one razz

thanks for the additional links, will check out Genevieve´s stuff for sure smile
what gives?
Sick drummer for sure

Don't forget to check out "bank account" if you haven't already (Cole solo).
ah yes, I just saw his solo stuff on the weekend... nice stuff there as well, but most of it seemed like older/less "produced" things... but I liked it as well!
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