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Reverb Amp Suggestions
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Author Reverb Amp Suggestions
Finally getting an electric guitar and looking for an amp with a reverb, ideally to run my guitar through a reverb pedal and then the amp reverb to create really spaced out sounds. I'm hoping for a value/midrange amp, 12 or 15 watts. I've heard good things about Mesa, Fender and (on the real budget end) Monoprice and would appreciate more opinions. Thanks!
Mesa boogies generally have really lame reverbs. Vintage fenders tend to have the best reverbs - twins, deluxes, vibroluxes, basically anything that has reverb in the name. Of course these are spring reverbs, which have a characteristic sound that may or may not be what you’re looking for. Arg, I could go on, but I’m typing on my iPad, which makes me crazy - maybe more tomorrow.
I totally agree with sduck, any of the older Fender amps with reverb sounds great, not a budget thing though but I never really understood that budget thing Miley Cyrus My favourite is the Fender Vibroverb but I never tried the reissue but I think it'll be pretty good still.
I'm a huge devotee of the fender tube amps with a real spring tank in them, although those may not fit into your value range. Maybe if you could give us a ballpark price range you're looking at? Fender does reissue Champs and Princetons that might be worth looking at. Also the Blues Junior/Deville ones are really nice. If you can afford a reissue Deluxe Reverb just get that, don't even think about it. I should get one too.

I don't even own any of these amps right now - what an oversight! I've got a mesa boogie Mark IV, which technically has a spring reverb, but even with it cranked up all the way it's barely there. Back in my actual gigging days I mostly used fender twins - huge sounding, incredibly heavy, loud enough to be heard in the next county.

If you don't care about having an actual spring reverb, there are lots of great modeling/DSP type things available, and they usually cost less, so that might be a consideration. The Boss Katana line is the king of the hill with these right now. Fender makes a Mustang line of these - I have one of the little ones, it's nice and small, and has lots of great sounds in it.
sduck wrote:
I've got a mesa boogie Mark IV, which technically has a spring reverb, but even with it cranked up all the way it's barely there.

I’ve got a Boogie MkIV too. The reverb isn’t quite Fender but to me barely there sounds like something might be wrong. Reverb tube, tank connectors etc? I have a hazy memory of there being a 12AX7 or a 12AT7 depending on the specific version of the MkIV, A or B.
Also, different tanks can make a lot of difference. I had a headshell made for my combo and ordered it with a tank installed, lazy SOB that I am. The new tank doesn’t sound like the one in the combo cabinet. It sounds better by a lot to my ears.
How important is the sound of the amp/mic?
You could get a Fender tube reverb tank and avoid reamping altogether.

I have a '63 reissue tank, sounds different than something like a Twin or Deluxe, but it's got that Fender drip, a la Dick Dale. Nice thing about it over other reverb pedals is that you can give the input some gain/boost, overdriven reverb sounds pretty cool, and no digital clipping like a pedal.

I really love the reverb in my Carr Slant6, I believe it's based on a Fender Deluxe.
Thanks all, especially sduck. Sorry for being too vague about price, I guess I'm just really looking for the best value. $200-$1200 maybe? whatever has the highest return on price. The more expensive the amp the longer I have to wait to save for it. I'm leaning towards picking up a Monoprice 15-watt amp with a Celestion speaker _id=611815. There's a spring reverb and tubes that are reportedly garbage but pretty easy to upgrade and the electronics/speakers are supposed to be quite good. I really like the aesthetic. I'm also looking a lot at the Fender Princeton Reverb reissue and the Twin - demos sound great.

Are there other lower-end combo amps with real spring reverb that anyone can recommend? I think I'm going to get a kinda nice DSP reverb pedal (likely Empress) and would rather have an analog spring reverb in the amp.
Gripp, my Mark IV is one of the transitional not A/not B ones. And actually the reverb is working fine, it's just nowhere near the level you get with any of the fender amps I've owned. It actually sounds great, but it's not Surf Band type of great, which is something I play from time to time. For that kind of music, while you can get a really fenderish sound from the amp, I use an eventide space for the reverb - it has a spring model which is much better sounding, and it also has a tremelo setting.
JustGlyphs wrote:

Are there other lower-end combo amps with real spring reverb that anyone can recommend? I think I'm going to get a kinda nice DSP reverb pedal (likely Empress) and would rather have an analog spring reverb in the amp.

I have two Fender Frontman 25's. You can get one for $60.00. A 12" speaker with a spring reverb, good Fender three tier tone control and a drive circuit. Great build for 60-99 dollars. Worth a try at that price. I mostly use one as a spring reverb on a mixer send or as a stereo rig with it's twin. The other is next to my Ampeg VT-22 (worth consideration if you play outside a lot. It is not for practice or entertaining dinner guests). The Fender sounds better with a tube in front of it (like an EH Tube EQ or anything). For the money - worth a shot.
I hear you. No, as deep, wet, bouncy, whatever the word is, as a Fender reverb, the Boogie verb is not. I get that for surf you’d likely want more, and trem of course.
But my new tank at least took it in a surfier direction I think. Haven’t played a Fender in quite some time as well so...
Still, good amp! Mine is an A.

I have been known to hook up both the Springray and A-199 euro modules in the loops of guitar amps too;-)
I’m going to second the frontman idea as an amp w real spring. I have been using a solid state Fender FM100H as my live amp head for over a decade. Built like a tank, the reverb sounds great, and the clean channel is REALLY clean. They make smaller versions too, can be had for around $100 for the 60 watt.

The OD/Distortion channels are hot trash. But that’s what the Proco Rat is for, amirite?

As far as tube amps go I’d maybe look for a Fender Princeton Reverb, or a vibrolux. The Twin is going to be too loud to enjoy at home.

The Vox Ac15 is a great fuckin amp as well, and a smidge heaped than the Fenders. You can usually find a good condition ac15 for like $500. Tremolo and Reverb both sounds awesome. Loud enough to gig if you mic up. Quiet enough to jam out at home.

And please avoid the Monoprice. I got a non working one (DOA) and gave up on it.
+1 to the Ampeg VT-22 and also going to toss in the Ampeg Reverberocket. Ampeg's amp reverbs can get pretty big.
I came here to drop in a mention of the unique reverb circuit in the Ampeg Reverb-o-rocket as well. It is the most lush reverb of taht era and one can even set it to 100% wet.
I used to have a non re-issue Reverberocket and yes the reverb was great, and a great tone from the amp overall too, but it was super sensitive to vibration due to a design flaw in the mounting of, or perhaps the thin-ness of the amp chassis, so that I couldn't turn the amp up much if it was on a wooden floor. Hopefully with the re-issue model Ampeg have addressed the problem.
Howzabout a Vox AC15? Great amp with reverb and tremolo.
if your price range allows it, i would recommend looking into two different brands: victoria and tone king. both have models that are available used for unbelievably good prices if you scout around.

i recently grabbed a mid 2000s tone king comet 40B for $900 flat... 8 tubes (including tube rectifier), accutronics reverb tank, two channels, made in USA... 40 watts

tone king is preferable to contemporary fender offerings, IMO. i've had bad experiences with contemporary fenders, including buying a brand new deluxe custom reverb reissue that shipped with a crack in the baffle board as big as my fist!! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Notron fn
For cheap thrills, you could always look for a Peavey Bandit 112. It has spring reverb and an FX loop. I think I paid $150 for mine, but there's a guy posting videos singing their praises (intheblues) on youtube that has sparked interest.

The reverb on mine was kind of trashed--but a replacement spring tank solved my issues.

I'm mainly using as a pedal platform right now.

Twins are so heavy and kind of impractical for home use. For what you'd pay for them they would be a steal.

But you'd never get singing power tube distortion without pissing off your neighbors.
I found a good deal (within your price range) on a a 1971 Fender Princeton Reverb on the and it is wonderful. Great reverb and excellent clean through overdriven tone. The modern reissues are nowhere near as good, they sound thin and brittle in comparison. Also they are very poorly made compared to old Silverface Fenders. A good condition vintage Fender amp is always a great investment too
I second the Princeton- thinking about getting one for myself one of these days.

Vintage amps have their challenges- tubes, recaps, etc. So make sure your budget includes a bit of wiggle room to make sure it's in top shape.

And if you can find a Traynor YGM-3, the word is that they are LOUD, but they have a sweet reverb!
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