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Boardweevil and incoming voltage
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Author Boardweevil and incoming voltage
If I connect something to the touchplates of a Boardweevil/postcardweevil, like voltage from Euromodules (or Crowphonics CRO-1 bolts), can it hurt them?

Tom is probably best to answer but i have sequenced my board weevil before by croc clipping patch leads to the touch plates, i ran it with a z8k and it was pretty cool. I had no problems.

I will ship a couple of the croc clip leads i have (small croc clips each end) with it for you.

They also play well with other weevils patched together via touch plates, i'm going to shut up now before i decide the pcw is staying put!

I have lots of crocs, so no need... I am a big Crowphonics follower.
But thanks for the offer!
Yeah, I'm never so sure about it.. It was discussed a bit in this thread:
I am not going to connect things on the actual PCB, just the touchplates.
I´ll tread lightly and see what happens. Wish me luck.
About 6 months ago , I connected the trigger out from my Boss DR-55 to the Weevil with an Alligator Clip and made this :

I have also experimented with connections on the PC Board solder points , putting it in my mouth (zap!!!).

Haven't blown up anything yet.

Awesome noise device Tom !


I've connected CV out on the Crowphonics 1 to my postcard and board weevils touchplates - worked fine and as the cleaning lady sez, haven't blown anything up yet


actually , i regularly touch the back of the PCB when using it too just to earth
bits with my fingers... w00t

great device ; just wish i would have got the Board Weevil too...

watch out when using the power starvation. i nearly fried a board weevil when connecting 2 together & using starve.
"Nearly fried"?

smelled smoke, as when a component burns out. immediately disconnected 'em, luckily they both seem to be ok.
if the touch points are patched with crocs, the starved one pulls power unpredictably from the other. my guess is that it was pulling too much current into a component that couldn't handle it.
Yes, as I've said before, there are risks in connecting external devices (whether that is modulars or another BWeevil) - it comes down to voltage levels. Though that doesn't mean you shouldn't try experimenting!

Mmm - smelling smoke certainly isn't a good sign - you're unlikely to smell that unless something actually HAS burned - thing is, there may still be life despite partial death.

There are two things that go in general - never had many returns but they've all been one of these two::

i) ICs fried - very easy to replace as chips are all in sockets and are easy to source anywhere.

ii) Starve Pot - had only a handful of occurances over the years where this has gone awry - usually from attaching weird things to the touch-pads or doing a massive short out unexpectedly.. Tends to allow a little life still, but the machine feels somehow ill/wrong. You could test this with a multimeter - its set up as a variable resistance to 1M (linear pot). I can always supply spare pots if required - the only problem then is removing the old one which can be tricky unless you have 'the skills' - if in doubt, send it back to me for a checkup (typically free bar your postage costs)
awesome, thanks for the info tom.
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