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SVCO-B box header
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Author SVCO-B box header
Hi! I need a little help. I’ve ordered several parts that I hoped to use as the board interconnect but NONE of them have been right, even the ones that people on the forum said would work. I’d appreciate it if someone could give the specific part # of the header, housing, and cable the board was designed with.

It’s fine to not give part #s for resistors and such, but for things like headers that have so many variations, it’s pretty tough to find exactly the right one and I wish the guides came with them.

Sorry if I come across a little grumpy. MY ASS IS BLEEDING
Giving out part numbers can be somewhat problematic. Back in the day I used to have a single document for each project that essentially contained all the information one needed. And quite often part numbers were given. But as the number of projects I offered increased so did the responsibility of keeping all the documents up to date when parts are made obsolete by the manufacturer. This deleting of parts happens quite a lot and I struggled to keep everything up to date.

So now I have the single Parts Guide which contains, I hope, most of the part numbers needed to make a project. Those that aren't there can often be inferred by the ones that are there. So if you can't find the part number for, eg. a 330nF cap, the 220nF given should point in the direction for the one I use. Bear in mind I'm based in the UK so I only give part numbers for the two biggest suppliers in my country, Rapid and Farnell. However, a quick visit to their webpages pages should reveal the actual manufacturer number. I do try to update the Parts Guide as often as I can which is normally when I'm buying stuff for myself.

For the 10-way IDC header used on the SVCO the one I use is this one: -2-54mm-10way/dp/1642019

The interconnect I use is this one: e-idc-2-54mm/dp/1642027

IDC cable is usually bought in reels but some suppliers will sell it in smaller lengths. For the SVCO you need only a few inches. It's sold often as flat ribbon cable with a pitch spacing of 0.05" (1.27mm). For example: -10core-28awg-per/dp/1207436

Thank you very much for the prompt response Tony! I easily found the matching parts on Mouser.

Your explanation makes sense to me. I have a suggestion: add all the part numbers when you initially make the guide, and don’t worry about updating it. I say this because the part numbers are still useful even when they’re out of production, because I can still use the # to look up the datasheet for the part and find its exact specifications, which helps me find a replacement part. Maybe leave in a note that says something like “This list will not be updated for obsoleted parts” so nobody pesters you about updates.

That’s just an idea, maybe it will or won’t work for your case. Just my quarter of a cent. :-)
Tony has also written a generalized parts guide with part numbers for rapid and farnell (Thank you very much for that). It contains all components he is using in his projects and its a great starting point if you want to find the corresponding parts on Mouser or elsewhere. So no need to add them in every guide.
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